Motorbike holidays in Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) Motorcycle hotels and tours in Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) in Lower Austria / Austria

Past spectacular landscapes and fascinating cultural monuments, the Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) is perfect for motorcycling.

Motorradurlaub im Voralpenland
Motorradurlaub im Voralpenland

Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) in Lower Austria

If you appreciate to have the road to yourself, then you will find that the Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) is just perfect for you. Secluded but by no means boring paths lead through the region and offer, apart from unique tour possibilities, the chance to enjoy some enduro fun on narrow forest paths - and that legally. Worth seeing is also the Krems-Egelsee Motorbike Museum with many historic motorbikes.

1 Motorbike accomodation in Waldviertel (Forest Quarter)

Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken  Austria / Lower Austria / Yspertal

from € 45,00 p.P.

Motorbike tours in Waldviertel (Forest Quarter)

Voralpentour "die Kurvige" - Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

Voralpentour "die Kurvige" Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

316 km / 4.717 hm
Mühlviertel - die Bärenrunde ... eine Tour ins hügelige Mühlviertel   - Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

Mühlviertel - die Bärenrunde ... eine... Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

196 km / 3.279 hm
Enduro-Tour ... auf Güterwegen durchs Mühl- und Wald4tel - Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

Enduro-Tour ... auf Güterwegen durchs... Gasthof Pension Drei Hacken

135 km / 2.677 hm

What says the motorbike expert?

Andi Starkmann MoHo host since 2006

Our location, far away from the famous but overcrowded bike hotspots, is often treated as an insider tip. But our hotel is not hidden away at a secret location. On the contrary, my expert knowledge of our extensive gravel path network attracts friends of a sophisticated drift angle on a regular basis.

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